In this database, all Dutch bands I am aware of and found suitable for this website have been listed, including almost all of the bands published in the original The Encyclopedia of Dutch Black Metal in 2004, its updates in the years after, and the bands I found later on. Select the first letter of the band among the buttons above to navigate through its content.

For more information on why certain bands appear here, visit the frequently asked questions (f.a.q.) through the information button.

Note of caution: I know it's far from complete, but I don't have enough time to keep up with all bands and all releases all the time! Updates will only appear very irregularly. I also have a life, you know!


I can still use a lot of help finding valuable information and material to use for a next update.


I am still looking for a lot of information, logo's, cover art, and tracklists, and off course the music itself. All this 'wanted' material is highlighted in red letters on the individual band pages. If you can provide me with clear imagery, please do so! I prefer scans to be high quality pictures (for example, a cd cover should at least be 600x600 pixels).


If you are missing your band in this list, please e-mail me. By doing so, you will also have your band featured in a future update. Send me your music (preferably originals), a clear black on white band logo, elaborate biography, elaborate discography, perhaps a photograph (year-dated), and anything else that can be missed. You can do this either digitally (although I prefer regular media above virtual media) or through regular mail.

If you're missing someone else's band in the list, mail me as much information as possible (including the links to your source of information). If it's something you have lying at home, please send a high-resolution scan. If it's a lot material, you are welcome to .zip or .rar them and send them through or a similar trusted uploader.