The NLBMe Management label

Halfway 2008 I started NLBMe Management, a low-profile, no-budget label and promotion spin-off, born from my encyclopedia and my V Xul Artwork & Design activities. Here I will show you what projects I was/am running through NLBMe. NLBMe is not a tool to promote only my own music, but also those of associates and friends, which deserve attention or recognition for what they are doing or did in the past.

Embernach Logo Design
I have always been a fan of the designs -logo's and otherwise- of fellow Coldeemstorft and Veghe musician / artist Embernach. I have cleared some virtual space for him, showing you his distinct artistry, mostly typified by well-balanced, but intricate and decorative line work. He admires old-school black metal, old-school Swedish and Autopsy-like death metal, traditional doom metal, and neo-folk, but it is no real problem to design for bands outside of this personal niche, including tattoos. However, I know he will not design anything that clashes with his personal ideology and standards. Contact with Embernach goes through NLBMe!

After its start I first put my energy in releasing an mp3-version of two Endemonized live tracks, recorded in 1994 and 1995, the black death metal project I played in those years. I released them - compiled under the banner Crushing the Herd Mentality - on a now defunct blog with Dutch releases only. Perhaps I will redistribute it some other way in the near future.

In the summer of 2008 one of my oldest friends, Paranoia of black metal band Lanz, recorded his third full-length release in both my own humble Noise Studio (the base tracks) and Hellchrist Xul's professional Necromanteion Studio (all instruments, sfx, and vocals). Because Lanz has always been a neglected but effectively original band, I decided to take up the promotion of this album of industrial black metal. Somehow it worked, and Lanz found a label in the young and upcoming Post Apocalyptic Music company. Because I felt it was not enough to just promote the band, I also took it upon my shoulders to host the official Lanz website. Since then I have succesfully searched for labels to release other Lanz material. Contact (including interviews) with Lanz goes through NLBMe!

The Parents of Oude Pekela
During 2014 I have been sending out promo's to labels for the new CD of the controversial brutal black metal band The Parents Of Oude Pekela, As Satan Spawns from the Grave of a Thousand Infants, hoping to find this extreme project a small home with a label that hears the same spirit and aggression I hear. Contact with The Parents can go through NLBMe; I know how to find this band!