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Terdor - The Combat Action of 5 October 1944 The Combat Action of 5 October 1944

TAPE 2005 by Lafawijn Records

1: Killing the Crucifix
2: Deadforced Language
3: War (Final Episode)
4: Holocaust 24/7
5: Cuntraping Anal Death
6: World War Propaganda
7: Trench Love
8: Amgedpha No More

Elshschappij Tovenaere (guitar, drums)
Lafawijn (vocals)
Den Zwerfenaar (guitars)

Review: This is actually the re-release of a limitedly released 2005 demo, but since I don’t have that one I will review it anyway. Again limitedly released, in 100 cassette copies this time, here we have the debut of the death black metal band Terdor. The Combat Action of 5 October 1944 is divided into two parts, with a total of ten tracks of low-budget death black metal. I’ve been told by vocalist Lafawijn that the band started out as a death metal outfit, but changed into a black metal band, still obsessed with warfare - not an uncommon theme in both genres. By now the band has already unleashed a split demo with Gheestenland and a full length called Axis Panzerzug anno November 1942 (again another nice intriguing title). I haven’t yet heard those releases, but this is an okay demo for a debut.

Source: Black Art Magazine #10, 2009.

Gheestenland / Terdor - Split Tape 2008 Split Tape 2008

split TAPE 2008: Terdor / Gheestenland by Wolfsvuur Records

1: A Hymn to War
2: Holy War against the Religious
3: Hail to My People
4: The End of Mankind
5: No Peace for Our Time
6: Pantsertrein

Elshschappij Tovenaere (guitar, bass, drums)
Lafawijn (vocals)

Terdor - Axis Panzerzug Anno November 1942 Axis Panzerzug Anno November 1942

CD 2008 by Thor's Hammer Productions
classification: death black metal

1: Into the Trench
2: De trollenoorlog
3: Amgedpha No More
4: World War Propaganda
5: Weemoed in het antieke woud
6: Trench Love
7: Burning Corpses
8: Pantsertrein
9: War (Revised Version)

Elshschappij Tovenaere (guitar, bass, drums)
Lafawijn (vocals)

Terdor - No Peace for Our Time! No Peace for Our Time!

7" EP 2010 by Negra Nit Distro

1: Working Class of War
2: No Peace for Our Time!

Elshschappij Tovenaere (guitar, bass, drums)
Lafawijn (vocals)

Review: I have been keeping track of this band since I received the band's demo tape from Lafawijn Reconds, and always wondered what kind of direction this band would take. Luckily I was recently contacted by Negra Nit Distro from Spain, who sent me a copy of this limited handnumbered 7" ep and the second album Levi, which at that time were still missing on this website. I am gladful they did it, because it turns out I like the direction this band has taken. Even though No Peace for Our Time! is musically still hovering in between the last en the next release, it is a sign the band is really developing its own place. Listening to Working Class of War I feel like listening to something that could have been recorded by an early Forgotten Woods, just with more extreme vocals and fast breaks that are either rooted in less technical stuff or creep towards a technical freakiness that you hear in Spiral Architect. The B-side reminds me less of Forgotten Woords, but alternates between a Nemesis Divina Satyricon and Ved Buens Ende / early Dødheimsgard, with a nice and relaxing acoustic break in the middle. Looking at the conceptual threads of the band, Terdor could've easily grown into yet another war themed Marduk imitation. I am really thankful they did nothing like that at all! The 7" is made of good old thick vinyl, and is beautifully packaged as a gatefold.

Source: NMBMe exclusive, March 2012.

Terdor / Waffenträger Luzifers - Promo Promo

split CD 2011: Terdor / Waffenträger Luzifers by Stunden des Ideals Produktionen

1: War (Final Episode)
2: Trench Love
3: End of Mankind
4: No Peace for Our Time
5: Levi (excerpt)
6: Hail to My People

Elshschappij Tovenaere (guitar, bass, drums)
Lafawijn (vocals)

Terdor - Levi Levi

CD 2011 by Negra Nit Distro / SDI Productions

1: Levi
2: Holy War
3: Hail to My People
4: The End of Mankind

Elshschappij Tovenaere (guitar, bass, drums, percussion, piano, cello)
Lafawijn (vocals)

Review: Terdor's Levi (and the preceding 7") came to me at a time I was wondering when I would hear something emerging from the black metal scene - and not only the Dutch - that would surprise me again. Since I hadn't heard anything from them since Axis Panzerzug, before putting on the CD, I still expected something more crude and perhaps death metal influenced. I was surprised to hear that Terdor has really chosen black metal; its own kind of black metal! On No Peace for Our Time! Terdor had already introduced more techniques and a more balanced production, but as I realise now, that was a stepping stone towards Levi. There are only four tracks on this CD, but they fill around 40 minutes with great quality music (that's a bit out-of-the-box at times), great vocals (finally without distortion; sounding like D.R.E.P. Yes!), really strong 'classical' intermezzo's within the songs, an excellent Iron Maiden-like guitar solo we hardly ever hear in real black metal but never feels out of place here (15 minutes into the title track), and lyrics alternating between Dutch and English... Despite the fact that the rhythm guitars could've been more present in the mix, like on the 7", this band has come a long way and has made sure I will never skip anything they will release. My respect goes out to Elshschappij Tovenaere and Lafawijn, and my thanks to Negra Nit Distro for providing me with this!

Source: NLBMe Exclusive, March 2012.

Terdor - Levi II Levi II

CD 2013 by Hass Weg Productions / Pesttanz Klangschmiede

1: Levi II
2: Dr. Chicogneau
3: End Her Life
4: De Nachtwreker

Elshschappij Tovenaere (guitars, bass, drums, piano)
Lafawijn (vocals)

Review: Pesttanz Klangschmieded asked me whether I was interested in reviewing Terdor's Levi II CD, which was released about half a year ago by this label, collaborating with Hass Weg Productions. Since I had not yet heard this release and because I really liked the first Levi album, I had no intention to refuse. A few days later I enjoyed the CD, which sounds a little less polished than 'chapter one', but every bit as interesting. Again, the CD contains only four tracks, ranging from four and a half to nineteen minutes, and offers relaxing breaks, dissonant avantgarde sections (a bit like Mayhem's Ordo album), a bit of heavy metal soloing, straight forward black metal, the occasional full melodic old school part (hints of old Abigor), and an unusual set of lyrics. This time the instruments are well balanced and we can hear all the little melodical experiments that are going on every once in a while. We might have been spoiled by the title track of the last album, but Levi II shows that Terdor is still not done growing in all kinds of captivating directions, and I am sure that I will discover new things every time I play it. My compliments are directed at the duo of Terdor (again) for providing me with something fresh and Pesttanz and Hass Weg for supporting this cool band!

Source: NLBMe Exclusive, February 2014.

OLD: www.myspace.com/terdormetal